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Ship it to Us

Ship, Repair, Return...

Preparation Time

Make sure discs are packaged well, check to make sure all of your sleeves and cases have discs in them, place them in their proper cases, visually inspect all discs and make notes as required.

Contents of Shipment

Make a list of contents that you are shipping and include it in the box. If you are having issues with a particular disc that we need to pay special attention to, please include it in the shipment and put it on the list.

Packing the Box

Wrap your discs in bubble wrap or other packaging materials that is suitable. Failure to do so can result in additional damage to your discs.

Sending it Out

Take the package to the post office or a local business that weighs and ships packages and provides a tracking number. We recommend paying for insurance on large quantities just in case the item is lost or damaged.

Let Us Know the Package is on the Way!

We will start working on your discs shortly after they come so make sure you have pre-paid the repair fee before they arrive so we can get started. You can easily pay through PayPal on our Payment page or send a check in the box. If you have questions, please call and speak to a technician.

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